Chou Bot Seimeitai Transformers – Convoy no Nazo (Japan)5924,Tatakae!

Macchoman (Japan) (Beta)6047,Totsuzen! Macchoman (Japan)6048,Reach Down Fever (Japan)6049,Touch Off Temperature (USA)6050,Touhou Kenbun Roku (Japan)6051,Toukon Bar (Japan)6052,Toukyou Pachi-Position Thrill (Japan) (Rev 0)6053,Toukyou Pachi-Slot Excitement (Japan) (Rev An excellent)6054,Tower of Radia (USA) (Proto)6055,Town & Country Scan Designs – Thrilla’s Surfari (USA)6056,Town & Nation Search Activities – Wood & Drinking water Rage (USA)6057,Poisonous Crusaders (USA)6058,Song & Industry (USA)6059,Tune & Industry II (Europe)6060,Track & Job II (USA) (Rev An effective)6061,Song & Community II (USA)6062,Song & Job from inside the Barcelona (Europe)6063,Benefits Master (USA)6064,“Triathron, The new (Japan)“6065,Trog! S. Tournament V’Ball (Japan)6085,Uchuu Keibitai SDF (Japan)6086,Uchuusen Cosmo Carrier (Japan)6087,Uforce Power Games (USA) (Proto 1)6088,Uforce Strength Games (USA) (Proto 2) [b]6089,U-Force Shot (USA)6090,Ufouria – The fresh new Saga (Europe) (Beta)6091,Ufouria – The latest Tale (Europe)6092,Ultima – Exodus (Japan)6093,Ultima – Exodus (USA)6094,Ultima – Trip of one’s Avatar (USA)6095,Ultima – Seija e no Michi (Japan)6096,Ultima – Fighters out-of Destiny (USA)6097,“Best Sky Handle (Europe) (En,Fr,De) (Beta)“6098,“Best Heavens Treat (Europe) (Dentro de,Fr,De)“6099,Biggest Sky Combat (USA)6100,Greatest Baseball (USA)6101,Ultimate Group Sports (Italy) (Unl)6102,Ultimate Group Baseball (USA) (Unl)6103,“Biggest Stuntman, The new (USA) (Unl)“6104,Ultraman Bar – Kaijuu Daikessen!

Tsuru Seko zero Akashi (Japan)6075,Turbo Racing (Europe)6076,Dual Cobra (USA)6077,Twin Eagle (Asia) (PAL) (Unl)6078,Twin Eagle (Japan)6079,Dual Eagle (USA)6080,TwinBee (Japan)6081,TwinBee step 3 – Poko Poko Daimaou (Japan) (Sample)6082,TwinBee 3 – Poko Poko Daimaou (Japan)6083,U

Ultra Kyoudai (Japan)6107,“Uncanny X-Guys, New (USA)“6108,Uncharted Waters (USA)6109,Uninvited (USA)6110,“Market Troops, The latest (Unknown) (Unl)“6111,“Untouchables, The fresh (Japan)“6112,“Untouchables, The newest (USA) (Rev Good)“6113,“Untouchables, This new (USA) (Rev B)“6114,“Untouchables, The (USA)“6115,Metropolitan Champ (World)6116,Urusei Yatsura – Lum no Relationships Bell (Japan) (Beta)6117,Urusei Yatsura – Lum zero Wedding Bell (Japan)6118,U . s . Freeze Hockey into the FC (Japan)6119,Ushio so you’re able to Tora – Shinen zero Taiyou (Japan)6120,Utsurun Desu (Japan)6121,Valkyrie no Bouken – Toki no Kagi Densetsu (Japan)6122,Vegas Connection – Gambling enterprise kara Ai o Komete (Japan)6123,Vegas Dream (USA)6124,Venice Seashore Volleyball (Asia) (Unl)6125,Venice Coastline Volleyball (USA) (Beta) (Unl)6126,Venice Seashore Volleyball (USA) (Unl)6127,Venus Senki – Right back the metropolis (Japan)6128,Vice – Venture Doom (USA)6129,Videomation (USA)6130,Vindicators (USA) (Unl)6131,Malware (USA) (Beta) (1989)6132,Trojan (USA) (Beta) (1990-02-02)6133,“Virus (USA) (Beta) (Between 1990-02-02 & 1990-04-twenty seven, earlier)“6134,Viva! Vegas (Japan)6135,Volguard II (Japan)6136,Volley Golf ball (Spain) (Gluk Films) (Unl)6137,“Volleyball (Usa, Europe)“6138,Wacky Races (USA)6139,Wagyan House (Japan)6140,Wagyan Homes dos (Japan)6141,Wagyan Homes step three (Japan)6142,Wai Wai World (Japan)6143,Wai Wai Globe 2 – SOS!

Paseri Jou (Japan)6144,Hold off to check out (Russia) (Unl)6145,Wall structure Road Tot (USA)6146,Wally Bear together with No! Gang (USA) (Beta) (Unl)6147,Wally Incur additionally the No! Visions out of Fuel (Europe)6196,Wizards & Fighters III – Kuros. Visions out of Energy (USA)6197,Wolverine (USA)6198,Wonderland Dizzy (Unknown) (Proto) (1993-09-24) (Unl)6199,Woody Poko (Japan)6200,Globe Boxing (Japan)6201,Globe Champion – Extremely Boxing Great Challenge (Europe)6202,Business Champ – Very Boxing High Challenge (USA)6203,First class Song See (USA) (Rev An excellent)6204,World-class Track Fulfill (USA)6205,Community Video game (USA)6206,Globe Grand-Prix – Rod to end (Japan)6207,“World of Cards, New (Asia) (Unl)“6208,World Super Tennis (Japan)6209,Wrath of your own Black Manta (Europe)6210,Wrath of the Black Manta (USA) (Rev An effective)6211,Wrath of your Black Manta (USA)6212,Wrecking Team (World)6213,Wurm – Go the midst of the planet!

S. Tournament V’Ball (Japan) (Beta)6084,You

3139,Rockman 13140,Rockman 23141,Rockman 33142,Rockman 43143,Rockman 53144,Roadway Fighter II3145,Dajingang – Vintage Edition3146,Galaxy Warrior3147,Universe Warrior 23148,Star out of Kabi – Scary Ambitions 23149,Double dragon 13150,Double dragon 23151,Double dragon 33152,Ninja Frog Versus Double Dragon3153,Super Queen Kong3154,Extremely Queen Kong 23155,Very King Kong 33156,Legend out of Salda – Fantasy Island3157,Castlevania3158,Castlevania 23159,Castlevania – Dark Prelude3160,Farm boy3161,Wario versus. Bomberman3162,Wario Continental3163,Thrill Island3164,Thrill Area 23165,Ninja Dragon Sword3166,Final fantasy3167,Finally Dream Legend 13168,Final Dream Legend 23169,Final Fantasy Legend 33170,Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtle3171,Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtle 23172,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 33173,Designed versus. Iron Warrior3174,Figure 33175,Tetris team luxury3176,Tetris DX3177,Tetris – enhanced version3178,Batman – Clown Returns3179,Batman – Cartoon Series3180,Forever Batman3181,Batman3182,Ninja frog3183,Ninja Frog – Ragnar Rock World3184,T Spiderman 1n3185,Spiderman 23186,Spiderman 33187,Spiderman and you can X-Men3188,Earthworm3189,Sky handle hero3190,Yao West Block3191,Crazy of-road motorcycle3192,Luo Luo Adventure3193,Air star3194,Go back to base3195,Aladdin3196,Chick Ellie Buddha3197,The newest demon was 13198,New demon are 23199,Arkanoid3200,Creature empire mobilization3201,Room pinball3202,Missile command3203,Area mission3204,Payback Elf3205,Extremely original3206,Hungry Wolf Legend3207,Tinker Bell3208,Felix cat3209,Raiders of Destroyed Ark 33210,God of your own gods3211,The latest Battleship3212,Jurassic Park 13213,Jurassic Park 23214,Double foolish legend3215,Underworld Archmage3216,Professional – Totally free Struggle Championship3217,Biochemical Jianbing – Reloading3218,Wonder trend blasting boy3219,Misconception out of light3220,Bomb jack3221,bomb-man3222,Ultimate Desktop computer original3223,Brainstorming3224,Diablo3225,Traveling mob3226,Bunny Rabbit – Crazy Palace 23227,Bunny Rabbit3228,Rogue warrior3229,Hamburg Day DX3230,Exploit king3231,Awesome casino3232,Palace mission3233,Internationally chess3234,Cool kid3235,Crashing continent3236,Cricket class leader3237,Amazingly war3238,Duffy Duck – Marvin Mission3239,Duffy Duck3240,Doll Story3241,Hua Mulan3242,Legend of one’s Dragon3243,Activities off Donald Duck 23244,Activities regarding Donald Duck3245,Duke off destruction3246,Wei Detective Clearance3247,Elevator war3248,Nakajima F1 Hero3249,Cat and you will mouse3250,Cat and you will mouse 23251,FIFA Industry Glass Football3252,FIFA Sporting events 963253,FIFA Recreations 983254,Flames dragon3255,Beidou Shenquan3256,Nothing bee3257,Caesar’s Palace – the newest fantastic of millennium3258,Devil’s Village3259,Legend of your Holy Ghost 23260,Ghostbusters 23261,Godzilla3262,Cosmic Cruiser – Interplanetary Attack3263,The brand new young man from Zeus – Hercules3264,Dinosaur hunter3265,Altman – Awesome Fighter3266,Primitive the fresh new human3267,water scooter3268,Iron-man – No Armor3269,James Bond 73270,Smurf 23271,Smurfs 33272,Demon City Gaiden – Teenager Dracula3273,Knight mission3274,Learn Kung Fu3275,Secret boy3276,Fishing Taro3277,Larger nuts pet and you can canary3278,Black Extremely SWAT – sequel3279,Mickey Mouse – Secret Wand3280,Mickey Mouse3281,Mickey Mouse Best Challenge3282,Mini locomotive globe competition3283,Dinosaurs Cluster – Flick Edition3284,Dinosaurs Class – King Kong compared to.3285,Monopoly3286,Mortal Kombat 13287,Mortal Kombat 23288,Mortal Kombat 33289,Mortal Kombat 43290,Burglar Wu Youwei3291,Unlawful basketball3292,Ninja kid3293,WWF Movie star 13294,WWF Superstar 23295,Send newsprint boy 23296,Throughout the wind3297,Poke the work 973298,Prince regarding Persia3299,Prophecy – Viking Junior3300,Shaped combatant 23301,Lehman3302,Ghostbusters – Trio Edition3303,Worst rat3304,Mechanical warfare 23305,Scorching attacking soul3306,Trace warrior3307,Life and death skateboard3308,Amazingly mobilization3309,WWF Super Wrestling Overlord3310,football3311,Scud Gonzalez3312,Awesome James Bond3313,Terminator II – Arcade Edition3314,Tetris – flash3315,Tecmo Awesome Pan Competition3316,Witchcraft rumor – competition prison 23317,Witchcraft Gaiden – Handle Prison 33318,Genius and you may warrior3319,Who framed the latest rabbit Roger3320,Sport Huge Prix3321,Terminator dos – View Day3322,Ada loved ones 33323,Ada3324,Pinocchio Adventures3325,Competition out of Olympus3326,flash3327,New Flintstones3328,Guide of jungle3329,Little mermaid3330,Simpson-Bart and you may bean stalk3331,T Simpson-Bat Wars Hercules3332,Simpson – fleeing the latest fatal camp3333,Simpson – Super Happy House3334,WWF Industry Wrestling Federation3335,Worms3336,Ding Ding Tibet Adventures3337,Bunny Activities 13338,Rabbit Excitement 23339,Bunny Escapades 33340,WCW Industry Wrestling3341,Travel world3342,Tony Hawk professional skateboarding